Get free email on your own domain

Having an email address with your domain name looks much more professional than a free email address and significantly enhances the credibility of your business.  There is no doubt you want or over  Do you have to shell out a lot of dough to get email on your domain or have a lot of technical know how to achieve this?  You can get domain email very easily and inexpensively from some online providers but this article shows you how you can do this free of cost.

Free Domain Email

Free Domain Email

Everybody uses free email from services like Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail for their personal email.  Did you know that you can also get email service from these providers with your domain name?  Google and Yahoo! charge a monthly fee per email account but you can get this for free from Microsoft Hotmail.  I will walk you through setting this up.

Before you setup your free domain email, you need to have your domain name registered.  If you do not own a domain name, read about getting your domain name here.  If you need help choosing a domain name, read this article.  Now that you have your domain name, let us look at setting up your free domain email.

Free Domain Email using Microsoft Hotmail

Step 1: Add your domain to Hotmail

Navigate to and login with your Microsoft account.  If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can get one for free easily.  If you have a Hotmail account, that is your Microsoft account.  Clck the “Add domain” button.  If you do not already have your domain name already registered, go here.  I do not like the registrars that Microsoft chose to offer to its users.  Enter your domain name next to the “www” and click “Continue”.  On the next page review the information and click “I Accept”.  You will now have to modify your DNS with MX Server information provided here.  Keep this page open.

Step 2: Change the MX record on your DNS

Typically, the registrar of your domain also host the name servers for your domain.  So, if you registered your domain with GoDaddy, follow the rest of the instructions in this section.  If your name servers are hosted at a different place, go to your provider and make the MX record changes there.

Log into your GoDaddy account.  Navigate to All Products > Domains > Domain Management.  Click on the domain that you just added the free email service in Step 1.  Click “Launch” under “DNS Management”.  In the section named “MX (Mail Exchanger)”, if you see two records, delete the record with priority 0.  A red X button to delete appears when you hover over the record.  Click the pencil next to “Points To” box in one of the rows to begin editing.  Copy the MX Server information from Step 1 above and paste it here. Click “Save Zone File”.  Your free domain email should be live and functioning almost immediately.

You can go back to the open window from and add your users.  You can access this email through the web at as well as on your smartphones, tablets and Outlook or other email clients on your desktop.

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